Reasons to rent a skippered boat

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To rent a boat with skipper or without skipper, that is the question. If you are thinking of renting a boat with skipper and you have doubts, we give you some reasons to help you make the decision. But we anticipate you that their experience will give you new possibilities in your vacations to sail further, more comfortable and safer on a Marinemax boat.

  1. I am not a sea dog

Sometimes little experience can make you doubt your ability to charter a boat. The responsibility involved may put you off, even if you have done a lot of sailing as a crew member, with a friend or family member being responsible. 

It is one thing to be a good crew member and another to be the skipper of the boat, taking responsibility and ensuring the safety of the entire crew. Surely when you learned to drive, you were first in the co-pilot’s seat and gradually took over the steering wheel. 

Renting a boat with a professional skipper will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your dream: to spend a few days of vacation sailing without being a sea wolf.

  1. Without a license, I don’t want to gamble

The lack of nautical qualification or having it with limited attributions can be an impediment to rent a boat. Rent a Marinemax boat with a skipper and problem solved. Do not risk to exceed the attributions of the title, since you could be in serious problems. 

Beyond a penalty and fine if the authorities detect that you do not have the proper qualifications, and that you have to interrupt your vacation with the boat moored in port, not having the necessary qualifications for the rented boat or the navigation area cancels the boat’s insurance. Not to mention the consequences in case of accident or injury to persons. Do not play with fire.

We refresh you the qualifications. Patrón de Navegación Básica: up to 8 meters and 5 miles from port; Patrón Embarcaciones Recreo (PER): up to 15 meters and 12 miles from coast + interinsular, Balearic and Canary Islands; PER Ampliado: up to 24 meters and between Peninsula and Balearic Islands; Patrón de Yate: up to 24 meters and 150 miles from coast.

  1. I want new horizons

Renting a boat with a skipper will open up options that you wouldn’t dare to do without it.

Maybe you have or often sail with a different type of boat than the one you would like to rent. Maybe you usually sail and would like to spend a few days on a powerboat, or vice versa. 

Maybe you have never sailed on a catamaran before and it is an unadvisable challenge to do so without previous experience. Having a skipper will make you decide to sail on different boats and discover new horizons. You can rent boats with skipper in places as far away as the Caribbean or Brazil.

  1. The skipper guides me

If you are going to sail in an unknown destination, renting Marinemax‘s boat with a skipper the first time you will sail in those waters is a great idea. Especially if you have never done it before in tidal areas, in an area with a multitude of nooks and crannies, coves or islets, or the destination is a «minefield» full of shallows, atolls or narrow channels. 

The tranquility that a skipper who knows the area will bring you is priceless, the difference can be as simple as choosing the best spots to land, or even to enjoy those days on board instead of suffering them.

  1. My partner in crime

If your family does not sail, a good way to share your hobby with them is to rent a boat with a skipper. On the one hand, it will give them confidence and you will avoid the pretext «We don’t trust you», but you will also be able to be more attentive to them, giving them more attention, sharing their sensations in this new world for them.